we pay property taxes
Our Texas property tax consultants work quickly, saving you money and time. We pay all taxes, fees, penalties, and interest immediately upon closing.
The 4-step process involves one phone call and a simple application with no credit check required. Select a plan that meets your budget.
As soon as three days after closing, we pay off everything you owe directly to the county tax office. Penalties, interest, and any court action will stop immediately.

Protect Texas Property with Tax Financing

Payment Plans Save Time & Money

For a variety of reasons, Texas residential and commercial property owners can face financial burdens, such as fees, high accrued interest, back taxes, and penalties on delinquent property taxes from the county. Our property tax loan company works with you to pay taxes, penalties, and interest under clearly understandable terms.

You may be one of many property owners having difficulty paying taxing authorities in one large lump sum. Instead, RETax Funding can provide you with a cost-effective financial solution along with personalized customer service. That also includes potentially lowering your financing costs, which can sometimes add up to more than 48% in your first year of delinquency.

Property Tax Loans And Liens

Delinquent Property Tax Increases chartWhen Texas property taxes become delinquent after their January 31 due date, a tax lien can be placed on property by local tax authorities. Your county taxing authority adds a 6% penalty and 1% interest, both of which increase 1% per month until July 1st, at which time the taxing authority may also add up to 20% for attorney fees. Delinquent property taxes on July 1st can incur 42% in interest, penalties, and fees, and that rate increases 1% each month from there.

With a property tax loan, RETax can pay your entire tax bill, giving you the freedom to repay taxes according to the flexible terms worked out with your personal tax consultant.

To learn more about how property taxes work from your county tax office, select your property’s location from the list below to be directed to the appropriate Tax Assessor & Collector’s website.

Straightforward Property Tax Financing

  1. Apply via a simple telephone call or contact us online to receive prompt contact from our customer service representative.
  2. Approval and processing begins soon as we receive the completed application. We are able approve an application the same day it is submitted.
  3. Closing can occur in our office or in the privacy of your own home, whichever is most convenient for you.
  4. Tax payment occurs as soon as possible after closing, taking into account the three-day waiting period required by the State of Texas. Our priority in all cases is to help you avoid additional fees, charges, or foreclosure from the county.

Contact our Texas property tax specialists today by calling 877-320-5779, or apply online to get started.