we pay property taxes
Our Texas property tax consultants work quickly, saving you money and time. We pay all taxes, fees, penalties, and interest immediately upon closing.
The 4-step process involves one phone call and a simple application with no credit check required. Select a plan that meets your budget.
As soon as three days after closing, we pay off everything you owe directly to the county tax office. Penalties, interest, and any court action will stop immediately.

Property Tax Financing for Commercial Clients

Promoting Optimal Cash Flow for Texas Businesses

In difficult economies, business owners can often face many unanticipated and unfamiliar challenges. It is wise for companies to retain their cash in this tumultuous credit market, but every company naturally wants to avoid substantial penalties and interest on unpaid tax bills from the county. Based in Texas, RETax Funding is focused on commercial properties, offering a wide range of flexible plans so that commercial clients can find the best financing solution for their situation.

By financing tax payments with RETax Funding, you can maximize cash flow and financial flexibility, allowing  your business to remain competitive. Our lending rates are extremely competitive, and our highly qualified lending consultants have the experience to assist with any property tax issues.

Consider financial lending as an alternative source of capital for:

  • Freeing up additional cash flow
  • Saving on tax penalties and interest
  • Creating leverage for your capital

We at RETax Funding know that Texas taxing authorities are strapped for cash as well. This has led to tougher collection attorney issues and increased foreclosure rates on businesses. Simply not paying commercial property taxes is not a cheap or wise option, since most counties charge 44% in fees, interest, and penalties on principal balances after just one year of delinquency. Because Texas county penalties increase quickly, RETax’s commercial tax process is designed to be efficient and straightforward.

Benefits of Working with RETax

  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Amortizing and Interest-Only Options
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Options
  • Multiple Account Packaging
  • Low Costs
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Secure and Confidential (Read our Privacy Policy.)

Our Qualifications

RETax Funding has been helping real estate developers and investors pay their property taxes for more than five years, gaining more than 5,000 satisfied commercial clients with customized solutions totaling over $65 million in paid property taxes. We bring the power of knowledge and experience to work with your real estate assets. In fact, each transaction is assigned to an account executive who is responsible for the transaction from the initial application to the final closing.

Once your commercial application is complete, the underwriting department reviews the file, and we conduct due diligence. After approval, the legal department then prepares documentation and a time is scheduled for closing. Closings usually last 30 minutes and are attended by a corporate representative authorized to sign for your business.

Within days of the closing, RETax then pays all outstanding property taxes, interest, fees, and penalties. This entire process usually takes about a week. Meanwhile, you have the freedom to continue running your business without worry or interruption. Our property tax financing specialists handle everything you need.

Please contact our expert property tax loan consultants today for help resolving your commercial tax crisis and to discuss the options: Call 877-320-5779.