we pay property taxes
Our Texas property tax consultants work quickly, saving you money and time. We pay all taxes, fees, penalties, and interest immediately upon closing.
The 4-step process involves one phone call and a simple application with no credit check required. Select a plan that meets your budget.
As soon as three days after closing, we pay off everything you owe directly to the county tax office. Penalties, interest, and any court action will stop immediately.

Gregg County Property Tax Lenders

Gregg County Financial Services & Property Tax Lending

We know it’s easy to fall behind on your Texas property taxes. For many of us, we’re so busy earning a living, that when the tax bill comes due, there are not enough funds to pay such a large lump sum. Should you find yourself in the dire position of being delinquent on your property taxes in Texas, there is an alternative.

Gregg County Texas Property Tax Lending Solution

RETax Funding understands that every client has unique circumstances, which is why we commit our focus to helping Texas homeowners, real estate investors, and businesses pay their property taxes with unmatched professionalism. The personal touch we deliver in all of our financial services is unequalled, especially our property tax financing services.

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Why Choose RETax Funding in Gregg County

When it comes to obtaining property tax financing in Texas, we know you have many choices, but you need a lender you can trust—a company that has an outstanding record of performance, loyal clientele, and service you can rely on. RETax has all of these qualities and more. Let our team of property tax consultants put our tax lending experience to work for you! We’ll provide you with a solution that is straightforward, professional, and tailored to your specific situation.

RETax makes the property tax financing process as simple as possible. You want to know you’re working with the best, and we take pride in knowing that we are part of the largest property tax lending company in Texas.

  • RETax is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association
  • No out-of-pocket costs or down payments
  • No application fee
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Entire transaction complete within days of initial application.
  • We service our loans so you deal with the same person from the start until the loan is repaid

Call our Gregg County tax loan consultants today and let them help you achieve the peace of mind you deserve. You won’t need to lay awake at night worrying about your home or business; we’ll take care of the taxes—you take care of the rest.

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About Gregg County

Gregg County is located in northeastern Texas. The city of Longview is the county seat and the county’s largest town. Gregg County was established in 1873 and rapidly expanded with the introduction of the railroad and the later discovery of oil.

Late in 1930, oil drilling started and it was quickly determined that the oil field in Gregg County held the largest pool of petroleum ever discovered in the United States. Nearly half of the field’s 200 square miles lay in the western third of the county. Oil and natural gas provided Gregg County a boom of income and population growth that carried into the 1980’s, when production started to decrease.

Though oil production has since declined, farming and agriculture have remained steady. This has provided residents of Gregg County the opportunity to maintain employment while raising their families and keeping the area vibrant and growing.