we pay property taxes
Our Texas property tax consultants work quickly, saving you money and time. We pay all taxes, fees, penalties, and interest immediately upon closing.
The 4-step process involves one phone call and a simple application with no credit check required. Select a plan that meets your budget.
As soon as three days after closing, we pay off everything you owe directly to the county tax office. Penalties, interest, and any court action will stop immediately.

Texas Property Tax Lending Experts – RETax Funding

Home and Business Property Tax Loans

The experienced professionals at RETax Funding offer flexible solutions for property owners all across Texas needing financial relief.

A charter member of the Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association, RETax Funding has worked with customers needing services related to:

  •  refinancing real estate property taxes
  • overdue property taxes
  • delinquent property taxes

Avoid Further County Interest, Penalties, & Extra Fees

Every customer’s situation is different, so our expert team devotes focused efforts to finding the best options to meet your needs. Our property tax financing service allows Texas property owners to avoid accruing significant additional interest, taxes, fees, and penalties from the County.

In many cases, within a week of application we can begin the process of paying off all taxes, penalties, or interest via a property tax  loan. You can repay taxes in affordable monthly payments over a set time period that meets your budget. RETax Funding provides a wide selection of economical tax relief programs to assist you.

For example, if you owed $10,000 in property taxes for 2012 taxes due, that debt would increase as shown in the chart.

How Texas Property Tax Costs Can Accrue
For straightforward customer service, contact us online or call our Texas property tax loan consultants at 877-320-5779 to discuss your options with our friendly, knowledgeable representatives. You’ll see why so many Texas homeowners and businesses trust RETax Funding. (OCCC License #158729, NMLS #333594)

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